Manufacturing pre-engineered
steel building kits since 1962.

Full-Service Building Provider

Kaiser Steel Buildings takes pride in manufacturing pre-engineered steel buildings of superior quality at completive prices.

Manufactured to AISC/AWS Guidelines

All manufacturing at our plant is done in accordance with the guidelines of The American Welding Society as will as the current International Building Code.

Welding of Steel Frames

90% of the welding for solid web steel frames is performed by our automatic, sub arc-welding machine. Current, wire and travel speed are computer controlled to insure proper penetration. Remaining manual welding is done by certified welders.

Fabrication of Purlins and Girts

All purlins and girts are cold rolled with our rollformer. Special attention has been given to insure that bending radii are not smaller than those specified in the manual for cold rolled formed steel.

Roofing and Siding

The roofing and siding panels are also cold roll formed in our plant, following the same guidelines used for purlins and girts.